Surge mac for v2ray


之前在朋友家里被骗合购Surge for mac 此君说surge支持SSR

然后我就买了 发现想要支持ssr需要使用surge的External Proxy Provider



又查了一下v2ray支持 发现这篇博客有相关说明3.3.1 beta版有支持 遂更新



· 关于surge mac支持v2ray协议配置

Supports VMess proxy protocol.
vmess-proxy= vmess,, 443, username = 12345678-abcd-1234-1234-47ffca0ce229, ws=true, tls=true, ws-path=/v2, ws-headers=X-Header-1:value|X-Header-2:value
All proxy options for TLS proxy are available. Please note that if you use the ‘Host’ header to override the default header, you may need to override the ‘Origin’ header to get rid of the 403 error.
Web-socket and TLS options would degrade performance. Only enable when necessary.
Surge only supports chacha20-poly1305 encryption algorithm. Please make sure the server supports it. We have no plan to implement other ciphers.
Snell and shadowsocks are still the most recommended protocols.